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February Vote Event Announcement
01 Mar, 2019 @ 05:00
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     Greetings everyone,

Monthly Vote Event was concluded and we would like to announce the winners.

1. Kiya
2. julien
3. Walker
4. Raya
5. Dradro
5. Sensey

Winners prizes :

1st Place: Wings of Conqueror (Champion) (30 Days)
2nd Place: Gold Member (15 Days)
3rd Place: Gold Member (7 Days)
4th Place: 20,000 Diamonds
5th Place: 10,000 Diamonds

     You can find your prize in XShop (for Expirable Items), account status for Gold Member and Account Balance for Diamonds. I hope you will be more involved this month :)

Congratulations to all participants and thank you for your support!

Event Page - Click Here

Vote Panel - Click Here

If you have any questions regarding this event, please open a ticket in our support section!

Posted by RaptoR