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Maintenance Changelog
22 May, 2019 @ 06:05
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Hello everyone,

Below you will find the full changelog from the yesterday’s maintenance:

-Increased drop rate for Fenrir’s combination ingredients in Crywolf

-Fixed Summoner Debuff

-Experience increased to 2500x

-Master Experience increased to 1500x

-Vulcanus & LOT Drop Rate increased with 10%

-Added MultiVault System (2 Normal / 4 Gold) (use /vault 0, /vault 1, /vault 2, etc.)

-Increased Master Reset Benefits (Your Diamonds Benefits will be increased at every Master Reset)

-Added Lord Tax on Master Reset System

-Increased Arca War Buffs

-Store has been modified

-Level 5 Seed Sphere changed to Level 9 Seed Sphere in X-Shop

-Added Elite Complex Potions @ XShop / Removed from PowerUP Shop Items

-Normal Jewel Drop Rate increased

-Added Garuda Flame & Golden Sentence on Vulcanus & Land of Trial Drop

-Added Talisman of Luck 10% on Vulcanus & Land of Trial Drop (Removed Talisman of Luck 5%)

-Talisman of Chaos Assembly & Talisman of Luck Drop Rate Decreased

-Lord Mix Fixed

-Fixed Elite Healing Potion drop issue from Erohim

- Added Tradeable Seal to X-Shop

-Ice Arrow duration time decreased to 1 second from 2 seconds

Best Regards,


Posted by RaptoR