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First Character Guide

Hi everyone!

In the following forum topic I will present what it needs to be done, once you get for the first time on our server:

- Leveling -

Once you've created your first character press "Tab" on your personal keyboard for the "In-game Map" to be displayed on screen.
Then you can start your character leveling path by searching and moving towards a random enemy NPC spot in one of the starting points maps:


- Leveling Set - 

Once the character is created, you will receive 4 items in your inventory as in "First Lucky Ticket".
By pressing the "I" button on your keyboard, hover over the "First Lucky Ticket" item and double click on it in order to receive 1 Ancient set piece for your character.
By pressing the "I" button once again on your keyboard, hover over the received item and double click to equip it.

I recommend you to use it until you can start killing the "Kundun Elite Generals" in higher Majestic maps that are dropping RUUD (a currency that is needed in order to buy items from Priest James in "Lorencia" - "Noria" - Elbeland" but we will talk later about this)

 - Leveling Path - 

I recommend using this leveling path while having the "Mu-Helper" tool activated to gather "ZEN" currecy and a random enemy NPC dropped weapon until you reach 5-10 Rebirths for Mid Game :

1-30 - Lorencia / Noria / Elbeland Map - 5 mob spawn spots.

30 - 70 - Dungeon 3  Map - 5 mob spawn spots.

70-400 - Lost Tower 7 - 5 mob spawn spots.

 - Leveling Skills - 

While leveling towards level 400 you can move to "Lorencia" and get your character specific skills from the "Skill Shop" vendor that is placed at the entrance of "Lorencia Bar" zone by using the zen that you gathered during leveling. 

 - Starter Weapons and Beginner Pentagram -

After reaching level 400, You will have two things to do:

1. Starter Weapons:

You will need to teleport to "Calmness" map once you've reached level 400 where you can find near the "Stash" vendor another "Item" vendor that sells character specific weapons (Please note that there are 5 tabs present in the "Calmness" vendor item shop).

2. Beginner Pentagram:

You will need teleport to "Acheron" map where you can find near the teleport spot a vendor that sells "Beginner Pentagram Box"
By using your mouse, double click on the box and gather the Beginner Pentagram and the Beginner Errtels that are dropped on the ground. 
Press the "I" button on your keyboard to have the "Inventory" menu displayed on screen and while hovering your mouse on the "Beginer Pentagram" item please use the following keyboard and mouse combination to open the "Pentagram" menu: "Alt" + "Right Click".
Start dragging the Beginner Errtels from your inventory into the specific Errtel Pentagram slots (Icon to Icon).

Now you will need to "Rebirth" your character by using the "/reset" command that you can type in the "chat" text box by using the "Enter" button and then writing down the "/reset" command.
Please follow the same Leveling path until you reach 8-10 Character Rebirths.
PS: You can also switch to "Arena" map once you reach level 220 in "Lost Tower 7" map.

- Mid game (10+ Rebirths) -

Now that you have a Starter set + Starter Weapon + Beginner Pentagram the path towards Master level begins.

- Master Leveling Path (Level 400 to Level 800) - 

400 - 550: "Calmness" Map - 5 mob spots.

550 - 630: "Ferea Map" - 5 mob spots.

630-700: "Nixie's Lake" Map - 5 mob spots.

And so on until you reach "Darkness Palace" Map that is level 800.
Now you've finished Master level and you can start the "Majestic" level.

- Majestic Leveling Path (Level 800 to Level 1450) -

800 - 900: "Darkness Palace" Map - 5 mob spots.

900 - 1000: "Deep Dungeon" Map - 5 mob spots.

1000 - 1100: "Kubera Mine" Map - 5 mob spots.

And so on until you reach "Kanturu Underground" Map that is level 1400.
Here on this map you will need to kill enemy NPCs until you reach level 1450.
Now you can start preparing for the End Game. 

- Mid to Late Game (2+ Grand Resets) -

 - Gathering "RUUD" Currency - 

Now that you have reached 2+ Grand Resets  you can start hunting the "Kundun Elite generals" on higher Majestic level maps for "RUUD" currency that are spawning during the "Kundun Generals" event that is starting at xy:48 server time.

 - Buying your first Mid to Late Game set -

Now that you've reached around 50k RUUD currency by killing "Kundun Elite generals", you can start spending the "RUUD" currency on your first piece of "EX Blood Angel" set item from "Prince James" vendor that is located in one of the starter maps (ex: "Lorencia Bar" zone).

And this is where our "First Character Guide" ends

You can start talking to our staff and community on:

1. In game by using the "/post" command and then your message/question.
2. On our Discord server
3. On our Forum

In order to get directions towards LATE GAME.

The guide was created by BmB1337
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