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About PowerUP SHOP, XMAS Eve and New Year Eve
29 Dec, 2018 @ 20:58
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Good evening dear players,

Unfortunately the PowerUP shop won’t be added tonight, because some functions from the new season like the 10th level sockets and 4th wings option require extensive coding in our system. We will sort that out tonight. There is however a small chance that it will be done tonight, but we don’t want to raise your hopes over nothing.

Based on this facts we have to delay our launch date for tomorrow 30.12.2018, at 20:00 UTC (server time).

The Christmas event will be extended also until tomorrow because we don’t have time to verify the participants and add prizes tonight.

Tomorrow night will also mark the date for a new event, called New Years Eve, in which we will celebrate with you the start of the new year among some unique mobs that fill be found in Lorencia, Noria and Elbeland, that are called Puppy and will drop Diamonds.

We wish you all the best in the world!
Posted by Administrator