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Land of Trials - Spots and Drop Fixed
07 Feb, 2019 @ 21:33
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     Greetings everyone,

Land of Trials, Spots and Drop have been fixed. The General drop is very similar with the one in vulcanus, and in addition there is a Boss that has a respawn time of 1 hour, that will drop one item of the following:

10 Diamonds
50 Diamonds
100 Diamonds
500 Diamonds
Talisman of Luck
Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Jewel of Dark Bless
Jewel of Dark Soul
Jewel of Dark Life
Jewel of Excess
Jewel of Luck
Jewel of Science
Jewel of Wisdom
Cursed Angel Treasure
Red Fenrir
Elite Healing Potion
Seed Sphere 5 ~ 10
Pentagram Box (Highest)

* To keep the equality between players, we have limited the access on the Castle Siege Server to one account/PC. This measure was added because LoT's drop beeing similar to the one in vulcanus, you won't be killed by other players, so you can farm for extended periods of time.

Posted by Support Team