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Choose your OWN unique PvP Settings
06 Mar, 2019 @ 10:21
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Hello everyone,

Since the server opening there had been some issues regarding the PvP system, issues that we tried to fix in our way. As of this moment we'll take a different approach to this matter, and let you decide how the PvP should be.

We've prepared the Test Server in such a way that you can virtually test every aspect of the game. Each new created character on that server will be at full stats with a full gear, you'll get unlimited diamonds and rubies to change your gear as you see fit, and buy whatever buffs you like.

You'll find in Lorencia a shop filled with every jewel and lvl 10 seed in the game, and every important NPC for testing purposes.

We've taken this approach keeping in mind your feedback and realising that you have a different view of how the PvP should be. We've changed our tactic and let you decide how you'll play.

The Public Test Server will be opened until 01.04.2019, and if you would like to change something to the existing system please let us know, only by mail at

Please be as precise as you can when you create your feedback, so we can better understand your wishes. Please don't use phrases like "BK is useless, or X class kills me". We'll announce on discord each e-mail's content, but we will not disclose the sender's identity.

Good Luck, and thank you for helping us!
Posted by Support Team