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TebaMU - is one of the oldest private MU Online servers (Since 2007), but also the most interesting. For TebaMU (New Age) we use the latest version of the game, Season 18 Part1-1 and is a High Rates server with x5000 Experience. Much more basic information about the server configuration can be found in the section dedicated to this (Server Stats), on the Forum or Discord Channel. If you have never played MU Online, with our guides you will be able to easily figure it all out and start the game. If you have any questions, our responsive team of administrators will help you on the forum / discord or any other means of communication presented on the Support page.

As you probably know, TebaMU also has a TebaMU Legacy (opened in 2018) server - a Season 17 Part1-1 with low attack speed based on Grand Reset and WebShop. Today, that kind of server has become more primitive and had started to be part of the category of server that opens and closes, but there was almost no difference between them. It was boring and not at all interesting to play on such a server. We promised that database will never be reseted and more than that, we are not part of those servers that close and open, so TebaMU (Legacy) will be always opened.

Now, we want to give players a whole new game experience, where every little thing is thought out, and those who donate will be able to grow faster but it won’t be a 3 clicks and game finished system for them.

Starting the game on, like all other new players, you will appear in the port of Lorencia. With the first appearance will be offered and the first task, completing it, you will receive your first prize. Our quest system is unique with that, first of all, it is our exclusive, which you will not find on other servers. And secondly, it is a personalized loot and stats for you for passing to the quests. Also from completing the quests, you will also receive a variety of items for crafting, Zen, RUUD and Diamonds. The complexity of each following quest is increasing, as well as the value of prizes from them. There are clues for each quest, so you'll always know where to find and how to complete the next task.

Diamonds, a currency that can be obtained simply by playing on the server, but you cannot buy items +all with it. We do not sell them. At all. You can receive Diamonds in more than ten ways, for example by: voting for server, events, game quest system, store, quests from our game masters, and even quests on the forum.

Another interesting way to earn game bonuses is to create your own guild, capture a castle in Loren Deep and receive a % of turnover of all bonuses from the trade on the server. If you are not yet ready for such great feats, then you can simply farm items and boxes from many monsters, bosses and events. It's easy to start, because the forum has a detailed description of the entire drop on the server, more, we have special category on website called DropList too.

You can easily and conveniently sell all your obtained items on our market on the website. You can use the market even without leaving the game, because you can transfer all the items from the game to the virtual vault and then put them on the web market. You can trade on Event Square too, for Diamonds and even offline with /offtrade command.

We also have a special category of events where can be found on the website - Special Events section. Here, you can get special and even unique items as rewards where only in those events can be obtained. Besides this special category, all InGame-Events have their purpose and there not to be missed. We also have a Boss Scoring system in the Colosseum Arena with which you can purchase various items from the Coloseum Shop with just these points.

Also, on the website you can find next to Achivements (part of the quest system we talked about above) - Guild Hall. A section where you can find various guild options such as: Guild Bank, Guild Quests, Guild Level, ETC.

This is how, in our opinion, TebaMU (New Age) should look like. Where the logical chain of action begins from the very first second of playing the game. We wish you good luck and hope that you are ready to take your first quest.

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