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Few hours until the grand opening
14 Dec, 2018 @ 12:30
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Greetings Mutizens,

World is in a complete state of change at every minute, and since the dawn of time we have evolved into who we are now.

That is true about our server too, that in the last 11 years saw alot of changes, complete makeovers and we have learned so much from it, which brings us to the present with a new way of thinking and some old faces brought back for this mission.

Today at 20:00 (UTC) is the big day! Another year, another season and alot of new challenges for us to keep you entertained.

First of all we thank you for keeping us motivated and for your support and suggestions during the beta period.

During this time we have managed to complete 95% of our tasks to deliver you the best mu online experience, and with that in mind we surely hope to see all the old players back, and of course alot of new faces around here.

This season comes with a few changes and features, and some of them are described below:

-Experience x1000
-New quest system
-New ingame currency, Diamonds, that will replace the old Gold Coins
-New and stronger Boss system with drops of errtels and pentagrams in Acheron, and ancient items at big bosses in other locations
-Master Reset at 80 resets with a reward of 15.000 Diamonds and for each reset you get 65 diamonds, adding up to 20.200 for each MR
-New scoring system, currently in development, which will count for characters and guild ranking
-Everything else will be posted and detailed in a separate post on the News Area.

Good Luck, and may the best player dominate the server!
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