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PowerUP Shop is now available
13 Jan, 2019 @ 14:23
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Dear MU-tizens,

We have finally managed to get the PowerUp Shop online. It has been opened for public yesterday, 12.01.2019. The shop will undergo a few updates in the near future to add some new items like Seed Spheres, older items and many more. The sets that are now available are Top Tier, and so will they remain. We will NOT add other sets in the future that will be more powerful that these ones.

From our Discord chat we have observed that many players expressed their concerns regarding the price of the items, that they are too expensive. Our answer to that matter is that they are not expensive, and each item from our PowerUP shop can be made in game at a much lower cost, because we want this server to be a long term one. We do not want our players to get Full sets and stats in a week and after that to stay afk in game in Lorencia. From our point of view 30 Master Resets are not that big of a deal when you can get one Master Reset in less than a day if you play a single account.

As a measure to those concerns we will add more ways to get diamonds, like quests, achievements and events, but we will need time to do that.

At the same date of the PowerUP Shop release, we have opened the possibility to acquire diamonds from our Store. For those who wish to donate for our server we would like to mention that donations are only through Store and only for the products that are presented in PowerUP and X-Shop.
     We WON'T sell extra items, or items that are not available in our stores.

We have the moral obligation to return the donations that had been made in the last 90 days of the last server close, and they will be refunded under the following rules, as described below:

- For those who donated in the last 30 days of server activity ( 21.12.2017 until 21.01.2018) we will refund 100% of the value donated;
- For those who bought Gold Coin in the second month (21.11.2017 until 21.12.2017) we will refund 50% of the value donated;
- For those who bought GC in the third month (21.10.2017-21.11.2017) we will refund 25% of the value donated;

We will refund the donations on categories, like:

- If you have bought a 20 euros package on 10.11.2018 and a 50 euros package on 11.11.2018, you will receive 2 separate packages that will not be added up to a single one.

To be able to get a refund you must send us an e-mail to that must contain the following info:

- For PayPal Donations: Actual game Account,PayPal transaction ID,Old Game Account;

- For Western Union, SMS pay, Money Gram, Bank Transfer:Actual game Account, Phone Number and the receipt for that donation, so we can identify your transaction faster.

If you don't provide our requested informations you won't be able to get a refund from us.

We will refund the donations under the “first came, first served” rule, so please don't try to rush us or insist, because we will refund all eligible players.

The final term for returning your benefits as described above is 31 January 2019.After this date we will not accept any other claims regarding donations.

The Next Update is planned on 17.01.2019, and will contain PVP fixes, small bug fixes, and some updates on our ingame X-Shop, regarding the prices and content. Don't expect too much changes on X-Shop.

Thank you for your patience and for supporting Us.
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