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Changelog for 3.13.11 Update
04 Mar, 2019 @ 15:38
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     Greetings everyone,

We have successfully update Server and Client to 3.13.11 version. In the list below you can find the full changelog:

* Added RUUD Shop
* Added MUUN System
* Added MUUN Egg in XShop
* Drop Rate for Extended Inventory and Vault Items Increased
* Added Blessing of Spirit Item in XShop
* Added Jewel of Wisdom in XShop
* Elemental Symbols now can be dumped from Event Inventory
* Increased Drop rate of Magic Solution
* Added Sphere Upgrade Rune Capsule
* Added 6 extra Spots in Devias with Elite Yety Mobs (Coord: 46,152; 11,143; 56,38; 56,12; 211,191; 242,195;)

Posted by Support Team