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Changelog for 3.13.15 Update
22 Mar, 2019 @ 08:00
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     Greetings everyone,

We have successfully update Server and Client to 3.13.15 version. In the list below you can find the full changelog:

Fixed all spots on Minimap
Fixed 3rd Class Skills effect (Skill effect less then Regular Skill)
Fixed Buffs/Debuffs
Fixed PvP malfunctions:
Fixed Elf Damage Bug and Buff Bug
Fixed Summoner Debuff and Damage Bug
ASR decrease with 10%
Maximum reflect Damage 48%
BK Defence decrease with 8%
BK Damage Increase with 12%
BK Combo delay 700ms
BK Pure Combo Formula remade
SM Defence increase with 25%
SM Damage increase with 3%
DL defence decrease with 10%
DL damage increase with 14%
GL defence decrease with 5%
Elf defence increase with 10%
Elf damage increase with 15%
Innovation Skill Effect decrease with 30%
Sleep Rate increase to 65% and duration to 15 sec
SUM damage increase with 4%
Increase 20% BK vs BK Damage
MG Damage Increase with 5%
RF Defence Decrease with 5%
Added in Main NPC Shop Talisman of Item Protection (Protect your item agaist damaged)
Punish debuff increased to 5%
Removed from Move Menu Stadium PvP, Stadium Soccer, Stadium PvM
Added on Move Menu Arena
Darkness Map is now 220 level map with best experience
Darkness Monster Respawn 8/9 seconds
Removed Pet of Darkness
Master Experience increased in Nixie Map

Posted by MeTa