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    Please treat other members with respect. Following the rules helps to create a fun and fair environment for everyone.
  • Fault Language

    Fault Language

  • Forbidden Nicknames

    Forbidden Nicknames

  • Transfer of Accounts

    Transfer of Accounts

  • Staff Mistreat

    Staff Mistreat

  • Cheating

    Cheating

  • Advertisements

    Advertisements

  • PK (Player Kill)

    PK (Player Kill)

  • Abusive Hunting

    Abusive Hunting

  • Annex

        DivinityMU Staff - is comprised of each individual that is a member of the "Owner", "Head Admin", "Administrator" and "Moderator" Groups and list that can be found here.

        Staff / Users relations:

        DivinityMU Staff it is by default the final arbiter in each dispute that refers to our rules set, and has a definitive decision in our rule set interpretation.
        DivinityMU staff reservers it’s right to exclude anyone out of the game.
        Players have the right to contest a decision only through the Support system.
        Please keep in mind that some items/diamonds can be substracted from your ingame account as a penalty for rule breaking.
        If you come across a player that breaks the rules in any form, please open a report in the Complaints section.
        Benefits as a result of rule breaking by other player is forbidden. If you consider that you have benefited in some way from rule breaking please report this issue.
        DivinityMU Staff won’t ask the users for account/password, items or any other data that may be related to a user’s account security.

        Others :

        Each account can only have one user, and it is forbidden for other users to acces an account that they do not own.
        It is forbidden to share passwords to another user, and also asking, keeping or knowing another player’s account and password. If a player share his account and password with you, you are obligated to report this issue, otherwise you will risk an account suspension.
        Each report must be opened by the owner of the print-screens. (If print screens are made by the “Popescu Character”, the report must be opened from the account of that character.
        In every situation the Print Screens have a validity time of 12 hours. If a report is opened after those 12 hours have passed, the print screen will be considered as invalid (expired)
        Through rule breaking, an user will receive 1 ban point, regardless of the rule he broke.
        One ban point equals 2 days of suspension, and it ads up in the event that an user breaks the rules in a repeated manner.
        If a user uses multiple accounts, the ban points will be set to all of his accounts, and the final punish will be calculated using the account with the highest number of ban points.
        Rule changes won’t be applicable retroactively, current suspension won’t change.

        These rules may be adapted for different situations to obtain balance and maintain a fair game.

        This rule set is a part of the terms and conditions of game/website/forum usage, and it may be entirely found here. In the event that you do not agree with our rule set, please leave this community.