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Dear TebaMU lovers,

       On 30.09.2019 we have begun configuring the server and client for SEASON 15. We expect to do this in a period of 30 to 50 days.

We will update this page with changes and more details


New Class Slayer
New skills for Slayer
New Items for Slayer
New MUUN Desmodus for Slayer
New Map Scorched Canyon
New Monsters for Map Scorched Canyon
New Mastery Weapons and Items for all classes
New UI for Item Upgrade System
New Map Support (Abyss Atlans)
New Monsters
2nd level Earrings support
2nd level Earrings mixes
Summoner Renewal - Berserker Buff
Summoner Renewal - Darkness Buff
Summoner Renewal - Death Scythe Skill
Summoner Renewal - Remake of old skills (Explosion, Requiem, Pollution)
Summoner Renewal - New Items (Books)
Summoner Renewal - Changes in Excellent / Set Options
Guardian System - new mixes
Guardian System - new pet
New Items 4th and 5th (Soul, Blue Eye)
New Mastery Weapons for RW 
[!] The database was successfully migrated to S14EP1
[+] Added support to use TCA + TOL in chaos machine together *
[+] Added Item Decomposition as a replacement for Pentagram Disassembly system *
[+] Further anti-hack improvements *
[+] Added League support for Labyrinth of Dimension *
[!] Fixed an issue causing sort of "lag" or "delay" while attacking monsters *
[+] Added Scramble Event *
[+] Complete Rune Wizard Class support *
[+] Kubera Mine support *
[+] Added New Mastery Sets *
[+] New Jewel Division System *
[+] Enhanced Skill Tree *
[+] Switch UI Support *
[!] The database was successfully migrated to S13EP2
[!] All Master and Majestic Skills will be reseted *
[+] Period Item extension system *
[+] Monster info show in warp menu *
[+] Warp level requirement change *
[+] Earring item slot support *
[+] Added moss NPC *
[+] Archangel weapon support *
[+] Complete change to drop system logic *
[+] New Game Server to handle Labyrinth of Dimension *
[+] Added earrings mixes support *
[+] Renewed Party and Guild matching systems *
[-] Removed restriction of one Wizard Ring in inventory *
[!] Fixed MuHelper party auto buff stops working after time *
[!] Fixed Dark Blast skill ocassionally does not cause damage on target *
[!] Fixed Nix Battle event respawn time, now it uses correct respawn time *
[!] Fixed no mastery points are assigned for certain Blood Castle monsters *
[!] Blocked ability to use certain skills while ridding Fenrir *
[!] Blocked ability of moving certain items from equipment to chaos box directly *
[!] Fixed invalid damage of mastery bows
[!] Fixed damage bonus for arrows/of level 1+
[!] Fixed rush skill attack range *
[!] Fixed not working Wizardry Scroll effect
[+] Added MuRummy mini-game *
[+] Added BaseBall mini-game *
[!] Blocked ability to use party move while being in Nix boss zone *
[!] Fixed combo skil not getting triggered occassionally *
[!] Fixed Ice Blood skill attack range *
[!] Fixed UI gets "frozen" in certain scenarios *
[!] Fixed Friendly Fire option not working with Triple Shot Enhanced skills *
[!] Fixed inability to warp to Arca Battle event while being in party *
[!] Fixed Burst Power Up skill does not apply a buff effect in certain cases *
[!] Fixed not working Scroll of Strength in certain scenarios *
* will apply from version 4.00.00
[+] Added Gens Ranking (Website Update)
[+] Added Guilds Ranking (Website Update)
[+] Added Guild Ranking Info ( Website Update demo here)
[+] Support System (here)
[+] Arca War and Sieges is now counted (Guild Rank)
[+] Gens Family with highest Contribution will receive 1,000 Diamonds for Master Reset
[!] New Vulcanus Drop
-- Vulcanus Drop: Item Drop 50%
--- Item Drop:
Diamonds (10) 46,43%
Diamonds (50) 15,5%
Elite Healing Potion 12,5%
Diamonds (100) 9,75%
Elite Complex Potion 6,75%
Diamonds (500) 2,91%
Diamonds (1,000) 2,11%
Talisman of Luck 1,98%
Talisman of Chaos Assembly 1,54%
Jewel of Kundun (0,53%)
[-] Vulcanus Spots Removed
[+] Gens System Fully working
[+] Added an Online Time Reward of Diamonds
[+] Added unstuck function (here)
Bingo Box Drop remade.
[!] Bingo Lower Box Reward: 1 Jewel of Chaos
[!] Bingo Intermediate Box Reward: 1 Jewel of Chaos or 1 Jewel of Bless or 1 Jewel of Soul
[!] Bingo Advanced Box Reward: 1 Jewel of Chaos or 1 Jewel of Bless or 1 Jewel of Soul or 1 Jewel of Creation or 1 Jewel of Life
[!] Bingo Premium Box Reward: 1 Jewel of Chaos or 1 Jewel of Bless or 1 Jewel of Soul or 1 Jewel of Creation or 1 Jewel of Life or 1 Jewel of Harmony or 1 Jewel of Guardian
[-] Removed Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle Invitations from NPC
[!] Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle remade. Check Game Guide
[!] Erohim Drop remade.
[!] LOT Drop remade.

Guild: DiViNiTy
M-Resets: 67, Resets: 59
Prestige: 0
Contribution: 256,568
Contribution: 318,809
Votes: 2,458
Next Battle: 08 Dec, 2019
Captured Obelisk Darkness
Captured Obelisk Wind